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At Work

I am a researcher in the field of Algebraic Combinatorics, Cryptography and Algorithmic Number Theory, working at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, the University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Occasionally, I teach at the Faculty of Mathematics.

Short Biography

Aleksandar Jurisic (if the surname was written as Yureesheech, this could help guessing its pronunciation) received a B.A. from University of Ljubljana in '87 (working under Joze Vrabec on applications of topology in combinatorics), and M.Sc. (pdf), Ph.D. (pdf) from University of Waterloo in '90, '95 (working under Chris Godsil in the field of algebraic combinatorics). He held a two year industrial post doctoral position at Certicom Corp. Canada and the department of Combinatorics and Optimization at the University of Waterloo, Canada, working in cryptography and algorithmic number theory and a one-year research position at Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Mechanics (IMFM), at the University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia. After that he became a teacher of mathematics, cryptography and computer security, and a researcher at the IMFM, Ljubljana. His main research interests are discrete mathematics and geometry. He loves problem solving and trying to make difficult things look easy. In his free time he enjoys biking (mostly mountain Krim), playing basketball and teaching recreational mathematics. He wrote a problems book for mathematics competitions in '89. In 2005 he co-founded the Slovenian Society of Cryptology .

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At Work

Aleksandar Jurisic
Fakulteta za racunalnistvo in informatiko
Ve─Źna pot 113, soba R3.06
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

(+386-1) 4798280

(+386-1) 2517-281

At Home

Aleksandar Jurisic
Vipavska 24 A
1000 Ljubljana

(+386-1) 28-32-895

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