Developement of cryptographic mobile application in health care, DuĊĦan Kalanj

Abstract of the diploma thesis: It is widely known that there is a lot of room for improvement in the Slovenian health care system. A lot could be done about long queues, which are a consequence of poor communication between various branches of medical profession. It often occurs that patient must take the same test several times because doctors do not have the information obtained from the previous studies. For today's tools the problem is not complex and can be solved in a number of ways. This thesis focuses on one of these solutions through the development of a mobile application for Android that enables a secure transfer of digital medical contents with cryptography. It also covers the development of a web application that will be used by users of the mobile application. The solution looks very simple to the user's eye, but as the reader will nd, this is not the case. It should be noted that the described solution is by far not nal and merely serves as a prototipe for the development of a mobile application that may be relatively quickly passed into general use. This topic has already been discussed by the representatives of the medical and computer profes- sion.

Keywords: Android, cryptography, Cordova, public key, private key.